The official publication of Gamma Alpha Omega

The ROSE Vine of Gamma Alpha Omega is the official national magazine of the Sorority and is digitally published quarterly. Making its debut this July, the mission of the magazine is to inform, educate, entertain and inspire readers. Our articles and features focus on subjects relevant to the Sorority, cultural and women’s issues, our members and Fraternity/Sorority life. The magazine aims to encourage members’ lifetime involvement and “Shine On” spirit, and serves as a permanent record of Sorority history.

The ROSE Vine is available in an easy-to-use online format which contains web exclusives we’re sure you’ll want to see.


Have News to Share?

Next time you hear special news about a shining sister or incredible Gamma Alpha Omega story, be sure to keep The ROSE Vine in mind and drop us a line – we’re listening! To submit member news for The ROSE Vine, contact To submit chapter news, follow the guidelines below.

Submission Deadlines (Calendar Year)

Fall issue – August 1 for October publication
Winter issue – November 1 for January publication
Spring issue – February 1 for April publication
Summer issue – May 1 for July publication

Information for ROSE Vine Editors

We are glad to have you on board as one of our ROSE Vine Editors! Welcome to the Gamma Alpha Omega communications team.

The Editor of The ROSE Vine works with Gamma Alpha Omega’s ROSE Vine Committee, (an editorial committee appointed by the Vice President and made up of present and past National Officers, throughout the entire ROSE Vine production process. This Committee has the final approval on material published in The ROSE Vine.


Submissions to The ROSE Vine can be made via e-mail to and don’t forget to send your photos to See the photo criteria below for specifications on photos. We encourage chapters to submit news to us as it happens, so feel free to send us your news at any time. This news can then be posted to our national website in between issues of The ROSE Vine.

The quality of the information you submit is especially important, as the magazine is also sent to other Greek organizations and to the college or university president and the Director of Greek/Student Affairs on each campus where Gamma Alpha Omega has a chapter. We are always looking for the best collegiate and alumnae news stories for the magazine to publish in the limited amount of space that we have.

College Chapter ROSE Vine Editors: Please complete the ROSE Vine Chapter Editors Report, which will be emailed to you four times a year, and submit by the deadlines below to ensure that your chapter’s news appears in The ROSE Vine.

Submission Deadlines (Calendar Year)
Fall issue – August 1 for October publication
Winter issue – November 1 for January publication
Spring issue – February 1 for April publication
Summer issue – May 1 for July publication

Alumnae News

While many ROSE Vine Editors submit a wide variety of news, we encourage you to share the news of local interest with us. Please send submissions via e-mail to

Criteria for Photos

Please send your best photos. Be selective, and submit photos of which you and your chapter will be proud. Remember, the magazine is sent to your college or university president and the Director of Greek Affairs to keep them informed about what Gamma Alpha Omega is doing on your campus, so you want to show your chapter at its best. Avoid pictures that may have questionable material (e.g., a member holding a drink in her hand [non-alcoholic or otherwise], wearing revealing clothing, or participating in events [even for philanthropy] that involve mud, Jello, whipped cream, etc.
For philanthropic and volunteer projects, submit pictures showing chapter members “in action” as they work on the project, or with those who benefited from the project, if possible. Identify the people who appear in the photos.

Digital Photos

For The ROSE Vine, we accept photos in electronic format, such as .jpg files, but the resolution must be at least 300 dpi in order for the photo to reproduce well in the magazine. Low resolution photos will not be accepted. To submit digital photos, please e-mail them to In your e-mail, include the chapter name, a description of the photo, and the names of members (except for large groups).
Photos Tips

If you are taking digital photos, be sure that you have selected the correct setting on your digital camera. Every camera is different, but look for RECORD MODE or PICTURE selection on your camera’s menu to select the resolution of your photo. An uncompressed (.TIFF file format) or low compression file format will give you a higher resolution photo.
Most digital cameras default to a lower compression setting, so you will need to change the settings on your camera to get a higher resolution image. Please consult your camera’s Owner’s Manual for instructions on changing the setting for your camera.
If you are scanning a photo, make sure the resolution (may be referred to as dpi) on your scanner is set at 300 or higher. Again, consult your Owner’s Manual for your particular scanner for specific instructions on how to scan at a higher resolution.