Why Gamma? 

When choosing to become a member of a sorority, there are many choices. What makes the Gamma experience stand apart? Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority is a values- based organization for women. It is the desire for all Gamma Alpha Omega women to put their values into action. Gamma’s are afforded many benefits of membership including:

  • A network of sisters and friends supporting them in achieving personal and professional goals throughout their life.
  • The opportunity to make a difference in their communities and in the lives of others through mentoring.
  • Scholarship opportunities as an undergraduate through the National Alumnae Association.
  • Access to leadership development through the Gamma Advantage – member development programs.
  • Opportunities for leadership and professional skill development through networking and annual events, including convention and officer retreats.
  • Lifelong commitment to and from Gamma Alpha Omega.
  • The opportunity to give back, whether through volunteering your time and talents or financial resources.
  • Fulfillment of membership to an organization deeply rooted in core values.
  • Gamma friendships that will last a lifetime. As alumnae, Gammas continue to build friendships outside of their individual chapters through professional opportunities to continue the legacy established by the founders of Gamma Alpha Omega and to make an impact on generations of Gamma’s to come.
Collegiate Chapters
Collegiate Members


Gamma Alpha Omega recruits new collegiate members during an organized process on college campuses called recruitment.

Recruitment on each campus varies, so it is important to get information from the Greek life office to understand the times and requirements of recruitment.

Membership Recruitment

  • Membership is voluntary and mutual.
  • Recruitment is a time for sorority members and unaffiliated women to become better acquainted. Normally, this occurs at the beginning of the fall or spring semester. Some campuses only allow for once per year.